Menthol Cards & Drops vs Penthol – Which is better?

The production and sale of Menthol cigarettes in the UK & the European Union was banned on May 20th 2020 by the government with new legislations introduced as part of their SmokeFree 2030 campaign and to stop the concept of smoking being attractive to potential underage users.

As soon as the ban was announced, no sooner were companies racking their brains on what loopholes could be utilised to still allow people to get the refreshing minty taste what they are used to.

In this article, I’m going to look into a couple of different options that have been introduced on to the market and compare them to our own product we have created Penthol, to see what the best solution is to still get menthol infused cigarettes & tobacco.

Menthol Drops

Menthol Drops have been on the market for a while, before the menthol cigarette ban was introduced, but its popularity heightened somewhat with the new legislations.

Sold in various ml size bottles, similar to that of vape juice, the bottle contains a menthol solution that is applied to the filter tip of a cigarette.

According to instruction on how to use, 1-2 drops of the solution needs to be added to the filter tip of a cigarette, and then left for 3-5 for the fluid to dry and fully infuse within the filter tip.

A good way to infuse your cigarettes with the menthol taste you’re after, but having to wait 3-5 minutes seems a bit inconvenient if you’re wanting to pop out from work for a quick cigarette break or with friends and having to wait 5 minutes to have your cigarette.

Menthol Cards

Menthol Cards are the newer introduction on to the market, and work differently to the drops mentioned above.

These are small strips of card that have been pre infused with menthol solution, with some brands offering different flavours like “Cool Mint” or “Arctic Blast”

According to instruction, these are used by adding them into a packet of cigarettes, or a pouch of rolling tobacco for 60 minutes and they will fully infuse the tobacco with a menthol taste.

Again, having to play the waiting game for them to infuse the tobacco is inconvenient especially if you’ve bought a fresh pack or pouch while you’re out and about and wanting a cigarette. They’re also a costly method too, costing anywhere from £1.99-£4.99 a pack and they are only one time use.


Our own creation that we launched onto the market this year, and is gaining a lot of popularity amongst smokers wanting an instant menthol hit!

Designed in our labs based in Manchester, Penthol is an applicator pen, that you simple swipe down the side of a cigarette and put a dab on the filter tip and this instantly infuses your cigarette with the cool minty taste you’ve grown to love.

Penthol infuses and works within seconds to give a menthol taste to your cigarettes, and this was a key factor in the creation of Penthol, so you don’t have to wait around to get the menthol hit you’re wanting.

And with each applicator pen giving you 100+ applications for only £1.99 per unit, it’s not only quick and convenient, it’s also great value for money!

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